Episode #4

Relationship Focused Practice in Early Childhood Services
Dr. Susan Emmett

For our fourth episode of Talking Child Development, I talk to Dr. Susan Emmett, Senior Lecturer and
Program Coordinator in Early Childhood at Federation University Victoria. Susan is also a member of the
executive committee of the Association of Child and Family Development. Susan has been involved in
early childhood education and research for over 30 years.

In the episode, she explains that a primary source of resilience, characterised by a strong sense of self-
worth and self-competence is the child’s access to a sensitive, responsive, and trustworthy adult

relationship. The infant and child’s secure attachment to a caregiver or educator can be viewed as a
significant protective factor that supports emotional wellbeing and healthy personality development as
well as social adjustment and cognitive acuity.


Dr. Ruth Schmidt Neven

Podcast Notes: 

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