Future and Past Conferences

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Helen Stevens: The Solihull Approach: Information Session
Promoting major positive life changes for parents, infants, professionals and the community

The Solihull Approach developed in the UK is an exciting, visionary and well established and researched model to support the quality of service provision for emotional health and well being in the early years and beyond. Helen Stevens will discuss how th Solihull Approach works through strengthening relationships, communication and on facilitating behaviour change.


Robyn Treyvaud: Navigating the Digital Lives of Children and Adolescents:
Reframing Resilience

Robyn will discuss the issues associated with keeping children and young people safe online which is more than keeping them under control, nor paralysing them or their families with fear.


Lorraine Rose: Is a psychologist, psychoanalytic psychotherapist and organisational consultant who has worked in private practice in Sydney for over 40 years.

The Fascinating Story of the Birth of the Baby: Connecting Neuroscience, Development and Relationships in the Consulting Room

Presentation One: Looking at normal developmental processes. Neuroscience.

Presentation Two: Looking at the clinical picture where these developmental processes have been derailed.


Wendy Bunston: Senior clinical social worker with a Masters Degree in Family Therapy and further postgraduate qualifications in Organisational Development and Infant Mental Health
Gregory Nicolau: Chief Executive Officer and lead Consultant Psychologist Australian Childhood Trauma Group

The Impact of Family Violence on Children': A half day symposium


Ruth Schmidt Neven PhD: Founding Director Centre for Child and Family Development on My Psychodynamic Journey: From the clinic to the community

Living Psychodynamically: A Half-Day Symposium to Celebrate 20 years of the

Centre for Child and Family Development 


Naomi Rossthorn: Equine Assisted Psychotherapy
Melanie G. Jones: The Role of ‘Animal-Assisted Therapy’ and Therapy-Dogs in Counselling

All Creatures Great and Small: The Role of Animal Assisted Therapy


Dr. Jennifer McIntosh

Parents in Conflict, Families in Separation: The art and science of keeping the child in mind


Professor Louise Newman

Ghosts in the Nursery: The impact of trauma on infancy and early childhood


Christopher Clulow PhD
(Previously Director of the Tavistock Centre for Couple Relationships)

Mothers, Fathers and Others: Developing Partnerships in Parenting Support


Dr. Emma Rush, Researcher and
Julie Gale Founder of Kids Free to Be Kids

The Sexualisation of Childhood