Episode #6

From Cradle to Global Citizen: Finding our way in turbulent times with Lorraine Rose
Lorraine Rose

This episode, Lorraine Rose, distinguished psychologist, psychoanalytic psychotherapist,
and organizational consultant, discusses the findings from her landmark book, From Cradle
to Global Citizen

She weaves together the critical emotional and developmental experiences that contribute
to our essential humanity as well as the way in which we live with others. Science
broadcaster Robyn Williams has described the book as ‘enthralling...unlike anything I have
seen before and twice as satisfying’.

Lorraine has been a university lecturer as well as a trainer in psychotherapy practice. She
has been a pioneer in developing infant parent work at the New South Wales Institute of
Psychiatry and her previous publication on this topic is Learning to love: The developing
relationships between mother, father and baby during the first year.

I hope you enjoy this episode.


Dr. Ruth Schmidt Neven

Podcast Notes: 

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