The Association of Child and Family Development and Psychodynamic Counselling established in 2003 is an incorporated not for profit professional association. The Association based in Melbourne has a national membership. The Association:


  • Promotes knowledge and understanding about all aspects of child adolescent and family development for all professionals in the community.

  • Ensures that this knowledge and understanding is informed by the recognition of the meaning of behaviour within an interpersonal relational social and cultural context.

  • Mounts an annual half-day symposium with invited speakers to share expertise and disseminate relevant information research and clinical experience.

  • Is the accreditation body for all graduates of the training courses run by the Centre for Child and Family Development.

  • Raises and maintains professional standards in relation to child and family counselling based on psychodynamic principles.

  • Maintains a register of all members including those whom the Association has recognised as qualified child and family development counsellors.

  • Creates opportunities for networking and peer supervision for members.

  • Represents the importance of a developmental relational approach in the media and with other relevant organisations.

The Centre For Child and Family Development promotes awareness and understanding of the emotional life of children and adolescents, and how this affects their behaviour and future development.


The Centre offers psychotherapy and counselling to children parents and families as well as adults, and training for professionals in Melbourne, interstate and overseas.


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Talking Child Development


As the President of the Association of Child and Family Development, I am delighted to launch our free podcast series Talking Child Developmen​t.

The Association is a not-for-profit organisation that aims to promote knowledge and understanding about all aspects of child, adolescent, and family development for professionals in the community.

The Association promotes a psychodynamic perspective that is informed by the recognition of the meaning of behaviour within a relational, social, and cultural context.

Episode #6: From Cradle to Global Citizen: Finding our way in turbulent times with Lorraine Rose

In this episode, Lorraine Rose, distinguished psychologist, psychoanalytic psychotherapist,
and organizational consultant, discusses the findings from her landmark book, From Cradle
to Global Citizen
She weaves together the critical emotional and developmental experiences that contribute
to our essential humanity as well as the way in which we live with others. Science
broadcaster Robyn Williams has described the book as ‘enthralling...unlike anything I have
seen before and twice as satisfying’.